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welcome Joosekoo (jarkki) home page come here stories and pictures from the collection outdoor activities.

motorsports video

Since 1999 I have toured in Finland about 450 races, 50 races in Estonia, Germany two races, one race in Italian

ballpoint pens, collectors began to rally from the trip, where I went to the rally video filming. they have accumulated about 1,000 pieces, the best pen in viro Ministry of Social Affairs (found in a hotel). pens, at least from Finland, Estonia, Germany, San Marino, Latvia, Liechtenstein, and Italy, the collection has also become a lead-filled pens around 15kpl.

matches, then these labels can be found in some Finnish and some european countries, for example, the entire bundle Liechtenstein unopened (8 a pack), these are all my "full" pack purchased, mere labels, I have not bought.

then these pins can be found a few, though a collection is growing slowly. one was pinssini audi a4, I got the car show in Latvia. pins second Mercedes was a beacon, its got the Helsinki Motor Show. the third was jussi välimäen rally pins. pins is only about 100pcs.

postage stamps collectors I am collecting them for about 30 years. countries is probably far more than 200 this area has remained in the background at the moment.

I am collecting the money they are collecting about 20 years, probably more than 400 countries, depending on what is calculated for its own country. money can be found 200-400-1300-1500-1600-1700-1800-1900-2000 centuries. March is the best golden horne which is one of the coin 1300's.

car magazines / books / brochures collector I am collecting them for about 35 years. these are several countries which relinquish if the buyer can be found. they must be over 15 meters long "stack", I'll try to get a list of them here. The oldest is the number one Finnish autounion in June 1925 the Swedish languages.

Full beer bottles / cans in the collection of these I have picked about 25 years. it started a few gift bottle. The Offspring collections beer, soda, cider, kannabistee, vodka, whiskey water, coffee and energy drink cans, and cider, beer, soda and water bottles. a total of about 250 different, one I bought Finnish shops, others I have successfully purchased, estonia, san marino, Swedish, German, Latvian, ships. guys will bring the largest part.

NOTE: ALL are full (unopened)


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